IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics are Equal Opportunity Employers.

First Shift Lead

1 opening on the First Shift: Monday-Thursday with occassional Fridays

Job Description:
The First Shift Lead assists, directs and coordinates the general work of a production cell. This position helps to ensure the cost effectiveness of production parts in accordance with delivery requirements, quality standards and procedures. This position has the authority and responsibility to make decisions that control the production process and correct quality problems. This position works together as a team with other production leads to ensure that overall company goals are achieved. Exhibits passion for continuous improvement in all areas. They also perform duties as operators and inspectors.

Leadership experience, manufacturing experience, teamwork skills, troubleshooting skills, creativity, ability to multi task, computer knowledge and experience with Microsoft software and ERP systems, and good written and verbal Communication Skills.

2-year degree or past job history desired; manufacturing background a plus

Further Description of Job Duties:

  • Performing set ups
  • Prepare for part number and material change
  • Perform troubleshooting
  • Enforcement of quality
  • Ensure employees meet attainment goals
  • Manage job orders and raw material to the processes
  • Document Daily Progress
  • Monitor efficiencies at the equipment
  • Responsible for interacting with employees on their performance.
  • Ensure proper monitoring, data recording, and entry of information into systems
  • Manages inventories and work plans to achieve productivity goals
  • Inter-departmental communication concerning quality, production and customer issues to clarify and facilitate on time delivery requirements via orders and operational data
  • Assists or directs problem solving efforts that will reduce or eliminate scrap, labor, and production costs

Stop in and fill out an application at 810 E. St. Paul St. Litchfield, MN or send resumes to Rebecca Nelson at

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Inspector/Fire Polish Operator

1 opening on the Weekend Shift: Friday-Sunday 5am-5pm

Job Description:

Inspects product to determine compliance with order specifications, company quality control system, shipping and packing methods for conformity to specified standards. Approves or rejects product, writes report of examinations, and requests corrective action when warranted.



A high school diploma or equivalent is required.

Further Description of Job Duties:

  • Passionate about improvement
  • Good at working together with others to achieve challenging objectives
  • Makes well thought out and logical decisions when faced with problems
  • Examines records to determine product specifications and required quality tests.
  • Conducts optical tests to verify performance of optical components using custom designed test equipment.
  • Inspects products using stereo-scope inspection techniques to ensure compliance with print and contract specifications.
  • Examines materials and products to verify defects and to determine whether defects are within allowable standards.
  • Submits samples received to quality control personnel to obtain verification of manufacturers’ certifications and authorizations to release items for production usage.
  • Compiles and submits reports to quality manager.
  • Trains new workers.
  • Prepares parts for final assembly and inspection by operating beveling equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, degreasing equipment and manual surface cleaning & preparation methods.
  • Performs the final assembly, inspection and testing operations for assembled components.
  • Packages and ships components to customers with correct paperwork as required
  • Helps in other areas as requested.


Stop in and fill out an application at 810 E. St. Paul St. Litchfield, MN or send resumes to Rebecca Nelson at

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