January 23, 2018 News

Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates By 2020

Artificial intelligence is a subject that inspires equal parts excitement and anxiety. For some, it is an efficiency producer that will free humans from performing mundane, mindless tasks — much the way other technologies have done ...
January 20, 2018 News

Why Charitable Companies Donate is a No-Brainer

In 2016, charitable companies donated a whopping total of $18.55 billion. That’s a 3.5 percent increase from the previous year, and the trend is expected to continue and even accelerate in the years to come. ...
December 30, 2017 News

Precision Ceramics: Why Ours Meet the Demands of Industry Leaders

Technology continues to push the limits of what is possible, and ceramic materials play a huge role in determining the pace of change. You can find precision ceramics on the cutting edge in numerous industries, ...
November 20, 2017 News

High Reflectivity Mirrors: Characteristics and Applications

IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics proudly manufacture precision High Reflectivity Mirrors that are used in the medical, laser, security, defense, aerospace, sensor and process control industries, among others. What are High Reflectivity Mirrors? High reflectivity mirrors ...
November 10, 2017 News

Optical Filters: Characteristics and Applications

Optical filters are used to reflect, absorb, refract, or diffract specified wavelengths while allowing other wavelengths to pass through. IRD Glass custom manufactures numerous optical filters that expand the applications and improve the capabilities of ...
October 30, 2017 News

Precision Sapphire Windows: The Choice When Performance Matters

Only diamonds are more durable and scratch-resistant than sapphire. That’s why sapphire is used to make precision sapphire windows that are used for everything from consumer products (think iPhone screens) to defense instrumentation and surveillance ...
October 20, 2017 News

Safety Concerns When Creating Precision Glass Components

The work-related risks in the glass manufacturing industry are nearly unrivaled. IRD Glass manufacturers precision glass components with virtually every kind of optical glass as well as many crystal materials. Because we perform machining, polishing, grinding, ...
September 30, 2017 News

Non-Optical Glass Components and Their Uses

When you think of glass components, you think of those with optical applications – those used to split, diffuse, bend, reflect or otherwise alter light wavelengths. These include mirrors, prisms, wedges, cylindrical lenses, wedges, etc. ...
September 15, 2017 News

Custom Sapphire Windows: Why We Supply Industry Leaders

Sapphire is one of nature’s hardest materials. The durability and scratch resistance of custom sapphire windows make them a critical component in many consumer products, from watches and glasses to cell phone screens. They are ...
August 20, 2017 News

Honeywell awards IRD Glass for Exceptional Quality, Zero PPM Defects

IRD Glass is happy to announce that Honeywell recently awarded us a Certificate for Exceptional Quality Performance after we achieved zero PPM (parts per million) defects in the last 12 months. As a sole-source supplier ...
August 08, 2017 News

Three Reasons You Should Care about Company Values

Employees at the most successful companies would have no trouble enumerating and explaining their company values. That’s because they are pervasive, worked into the very fabric of what the company does on a daily basis. At ...
August 01, 2017 News

Just How Strong are Sapphire Windows?

IRD Glass manufactures a variety of sapphire components, including sapphire windows, for industry leading companies like Honeywell. Here’s what you need to know about this amazing material and the components that can be made from ...
July 24, 2017 News

Does Your Business Need an ERP System?

IRD Glass is in the process of rolling out an automated scheduling and accounting software called an Enterprise Resource Planning system, or ERP system. ERP systems are business process management software that allow companies to ...
July 06, 2017 News

A Hopeful Vision for Manufacturing and Automation

The manufacturing and automation trend in U.S. companies can be characterized more as one of collaboration than of replacement. Robots are being designed to enhance human capabilities and boost their effectiveness, not to replace them. For ...
June 29, 2017 News

Why IRD Glass, a small privately owned company, has a Board of Directors

IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics are sole-source suppliers to many OEM Corporations with globally recognized brands, yet we remain a small, privately held company. Of the key factors contributing to the successful growth of IRD, ...
June 15, 2017 News

Are benefits a motivator in today’s economy?

At IRD Glass, we believe in taking care of our employees. We are a family. We are a team. It’s not just the compassionate thing to do, and it’s not only in line with our ...
May 31, 2017 News

The Dangers of Spec Creep and 4 Ways to Manage it

Spec creep, when a product’s actual specifications drift over time from those set down on paper, is any manufacturer’s nightmare. It leads to reduced quality, lost confidence and lost customers. So how can you avoid ...
Young Employees March 31, 2017 News

5 Ways to Create a Sense of Urgency with Young Employees

Generation X and Millennial employees are becoming a sizeable minority or majority in many businesses. Workplaces are changing. But that doesn’t mean that every company can be Google or Apple. We can’t all have our ...
March 17, 2017 News

See you at these 3 Important Industry Events in April and May

IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics are happy to be exhibiting at three important industry events – two of them which are free and open to the public – over the next two months. Today we ...
Listening sales methods February 15, 2017 News

RASA: Four Listening Sales Methods for Business Success

There’s quality and then there’s presentation. With no presentation, quality doesn’t matter very much because it won’t sell. At IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics, for example, we are a sole-source provider to world-class companies like 3M, ...
January 15, 2017 News

Balancing Lean Operations, Human Innovation & Efficiency

On October 1, 1908, years before the term lean operations existed, came arguably the most important operational advancement in industrial history: the Model T Ford began rolling off of Ford’s assembly line. By prioritizing efficiency ...
December 30, 2016 News

Customer Service: This is What Going Above and Beyond Looks Like

Customer service is defined as “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.” Most companies aim to provide satisfactory customer service, but IRD Glass ...
December 10, 2016 News

Cross-Training and Employee Engagement in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, keeping employees engaged and motivated at work is of critical importance to overall productivity. The task has proven to be a sizable challenge for many American companies. At IRD Glass, our employees are ...
November 18, 2016 News

Running Like A Swiss Watch: Tradition, Precision, and the IRD Brand

Throughout human history, some products and practices establish themselves as exemplars — the pinnacle of what human ingenuity and engineering can achieve. German beer, Wisconsin cheese, Roman sculptures, American jazz: all are the best and ...
October 31, 2016 News

The Real Benefits of Corporate Giving

One of the many privileges of running a business is the opportunity to give back to your community in a meaningful way. Every single day, businesses share their success by donating money, donating products, volunteering ...
October 15, 2016 News

New Study Explores Link Between Happiness at Work and Productivity

With an engaging, challenging workplace and a cell-based approach to manufacturing that allows individual team members to use their intelligence and creativity, IRD Glass is proud to have a staff that is both happy and ...
October 01, 2016 News

Custom Manufacturing & Ease of Manufacturability

It’s been proven time and time again that sacrificing quality to keep deliverables on time and under budget is ineffective. Not only is there an array of drawbacks to shipping a less-than-excellent product, it may ...
September 15, 2016 News

Three Leadership Styles: What’s Your Company’s Approach?

Myron Rush wrote one of the finest books about leadership. In “The New Leader,” Rush details some the varying approaches to management that have developed over the decades. Here’s a brief recap of the author’s ...
August 20, 2016 News

What Microsoft, Disney and Telecoms can Teach You About Strategic Partnerships

There are two ways of looking at capitalism. One take is that it’s a cruel, dog-eat-dog system in which the strong crush the weak. The other is that it’s a mechanism that encourages (forces) businesses to ...
July 29, 2016 News

A Sixth Sense? Precision Optical Components & Semiconductors in the Sensor Industry

How do human beings experience the world? We have eyes to see, noses to smell, ears to hear, and fingers to touch and feel. But what allows us to experience and understand the world, and ...
July 10, 2016 News

Precision Optical Components Accelerating Early Detection of Cancer

The battle to cure cancer has led to collaboration between private and public companies, universities, scientists, and even foreign governments. Perhaps the greatest push toward finding a cure is the recent National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, ...
June 26, 2016 News

The Crucible of the Sensor Industry

Though it’s hard to argue that tax dollars should be spent on interplanetary exploration when our nation’s roads and bridges need immediate repair, noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has put forth a compelling argument to ...
June 05, 2016 News

Capturing the Power of One of Nature’s Hardest Materials

The sapphire is a gemstone of the mineral corundum variety. Closely related to the ruby and ranking third behind the diamond in terms of hardness, the sapphire is recognized as one of the hardest, most ...