Maintenance Technician

Job Summary

A Maintenance Technician will keep the building and machines in operating order. They will troubleshoot machines that are not operating at efficiency and proceed with appropriate approved modifications.

Automation may also be part of this role: Develop key projects and improvements in regards to the automation of equipment. This will include everything from suggesting areas for automation, installing items, maintaining and troubleshooting automated equipment.

Essential Functions

  • Teamwork
  • Work with an overlying umbrella of goodwill and selflessness
  • Passion
  • Strive to continuously improve and innovate
  • Integrity
  • Taking personal responsibility for our actions and results
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance on compressors, Machines (CNC, Blanchards, Saws)
  • Complete coolant changes
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly and Quarterly Maintenance tasks
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Getting quotes and ordering required machine or maintenance parts
  • Prepare machines for external service and rebuild after service
  • Troubleshoot and fix equipment
  • Address leaking equipment
  • Replace defective components
  • Facility Maintenance
  • General Facility maintenance: furnace filters, softener salt, HVAC, sprinkler system, general building items
  • Ensure that building systems are functioning correctly to facilitate operational comfort to increase production.
  • Maintaining DI water systems and filters
  • General Cleaning
  • Snow removal
  • Complete small construction projects (making clean rooms, building, fixing benches, storage racks etc.)
  • Recycle/filter coolant
  • Forklift
  • Utilizing a forklift to receive, load and move materials and machines
  • Safety
  • Follow safety measures including handling chemicals safely and wearing PPE.
  • General Cleaning
  • Safety walkthroughs, test safety lighting
  • Follow safety measures including handling chemicals safely and wearing PPE.
  • Certified in Lockout Tagout
  • OSHA compliance projects
  • Evaluate used chemicals and oil for disposal
  • 5S and general organization of your area
  • Communication/Planning
  • Effectively communicate with engineering, management, and manufacturing personnel
  • Follow verbal and written direction
  • Coordinate with external contractors verbally and via email
  • Coordinate projects and external maintenance assistance
  • Documentation
  • Enter accurate information into log books, spreadsheets and on work orders
  • Completing transactions in ERP computer system
  • Improvements
  • Collect, analyze, and document key process data in order to facilitate continuous improvements on both products and machines.
  • Cross-training, learning and teaching different processes
  • Other Essential functions
  • Be able to work independently and be self-motivated
  • Productivity should match or exceed expectations
  • Working on many maintenance projects at one time
  • Other duties as assigned

 Job Environment

While performing the duties of this job an employee is standing 6 to 12 hours a day and regularly working around moving mechanical parts with proper guarding. This role will stand, stoop, crawl, or kneel for extended periods of time depending on the task. The work is done in a climate controlled building. Noise levels are moderate and below OSHA thresholds. Various chemicals are used to complete the tasks at hand and proper PPE must be worn. Regular lifting up to 50 pounds and executing team lifts to assist others with heavier items. Sometimes lifting from floor to shelf or carrying short distances. Regularly walking between tasks. Frequent use of a ladder or step stool. May also have to go on top of building for maintenance tasks on occasion.

Skills/Abilities Required

  • Computer Skills
  • Math Skills
  • Knowledge of tooling, speeds and feeds
  • Manufacturing experience
  • Familiarity with Blueprints/reading specifications
  • Ability to work with hand tools and various instruments
  • Strong Mechanical skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Ability to work with small parts and tools
  • Ability to discuss topics and communicate effectively with team members
  • Problem Solving
  • Written and Verbal Communication skills
  • The ability to read, interpret and understand mechanical drawings.

Skills/Abilities Preferred

  • Soldering
  • Electrical/Electronics Knowledge
  • Plumbing skills
  • Machining background
  • Refrigeration and HVAC experience
  • Programming experience


  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • 5+ Years of experience preferred
Job Type: Full Time

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