Process Technician

First Shift: Mon – Thur

  • Job SummaryThe Process Technician will aid in the development of product and process flow. They will analyze and prove out changes to current and new processes. This role will also run production parts to learn the process and aid in meeting production goals. Essential Functions
    • Teamwork
    • Work with an overlying umbrella of goodwill and selflessness
    • Passion
    • Strive to continuously improve and innovate
    • Integrity
    • Taking personal responsibility for our actions and results
    • Process Development
    • Assist in process design, development, and production of fixtures and set up equipment
    • Create, modify, and test process variations for new and existing products
    • Perform audits of production and process capability; monitor process using floor metrics
    • Work with the engineer to design, develop, test, and implement new manufacturing processes to increase capability and capacity
    • Making observations, taking measurements, collecting & interpreting data, and making decisions with other team members
    • Working closely with equipment operators to monitor and improve the efficiency, output and safety of operations within the plant
    • Ensuring the process works at the optimum level, at the right rate and quality
    • Machine Operations
    • Operate various machines: Blanchard, lap master, polisher, saws, CNC basic operation, hand lap, ultrasonic, bevel, belt sander and more as assigned
    • Adjusting machine speeds and proper loading/unloading of parts
    • Assists others in setting up, repairing, and maintaining production equipment to minimize equipment downtime
    • Running multiple machines/processes at the same time
    • Assist with the manufacturing process including material changes
    • Troubleshooting
    • Minor troubleshooting of machines
    • Problem solving independently and as a team
    • Finding solutions to process problems using tools like an 8D, TPS, 5 Whys and Fishbone analysis
    • Communication/Planning
    • Assess the production needs for the period; work with the lead to create fulfill the plan
    • Adapt to changes in demand/responsibilities as requested by a lead
    • Follow verbal and written direction
    • Improvements
    • Suggest and actively participate in improvement projects
    • Assist in identifying problems and developing solutions for machine issues
    • Cross-training, learning and teaching different processes
    • Quality Measures
    • Ensure calibration of inspection equipment is up to date
    • Ensure all product is properly inspected and meets all requirements prior to delivery to QC
    • Inspect products and processes for flaws and identify areas of improvement
    • Follow Glass Handling guidelines
    • Perform and record quality control measurements with various tools (micrometers, calipers, starrett, pins, foot calipers)
    • Safety
    • Follow safety measures including handling chemicals safely and wearing PPE.
    • 5S and general organization of your area
    • General Cleaning
    • Maintenance
    • Perform the required preventative maintenance operations for machines, fixtures and devices in your area
    • Documentation
    • Enter accurate information into log books, spreadsheets and on work orders
    • Calculate or record results during experiments
    • Completing transactions in ERP computer system
    • Other Essential functions
    • Expected to do machine operator, machinist or inspector duties as assigned in addition to technician level responsibilities.
    • Work under strict time lines and complete tasks and repairs in a timely manner to limit service interruptions or equipment down time
    • Other duties as assigned
    Work EnvironmentWhile performing the duties of this job an employee may sit, stand, stoop, crawl, or kneel for 8 to 12 hours a day. Regularly walking and navigating between areas and occasionally going up and down a short ladder or step stool. They will regularly be working around moving mechanical parts with proper guarding. The work is done in a climate controlled building. Noise levels are moderate and below OSHA thresholds. Various chemicals are used to complete the tasks at hand and proper PPE must be worn. Regular lifting up to 30 pounds, occasional lifting up to 50 pounds and participating in team lifts. Lifting from floor to shelf or carrying items short distances. Desired Experience and Education:2 or 4-year engineering or technical degree or equivalent manufacturing experience, LEAN and six sigma training, understanding of production flow and machining principles, Solid Works or CAD software, basic CAM knowledge.Skills/Abilities Required
    • Strong math skills
    • Computer and electronics skills
    • The ability to read, interpret and understand blueprints and drawings.
    • Time management
    • Mechanical ability
    • Written and Verbal Communication skills
    • Critically think to solve problems
    • Attention to detail
    • Ability to work independently
    • Ability to multi-task between different processes as needed
    Skills/Abilities Preferred
    • Knowledge in hydraulics, pneumatics, and computer related mechanics
    • 8D and RCCA tools,
    • LEAN production planning
    • Statistical analysis
    • Innovation
    • DOE Experience
    • Microsoft Office software
    • Familiar with Metric and Standard Measurements

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