Custom Laser Optics

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Custom Laser Optics

IRD has a strong presence in the laser OEM market, providing cavity reflectors for the solid-state laser industry, HLDT/HR steering mirrors, splatter shields, precision spacers and tooling, beamsplitters, custom corner cubes, filters and many other custom components. IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics work with all types of materials, from fused silica to sapphire, from filter glass to chalcogenides, doped glass to crystals.

Cavity Reflectors

IRD Glass provides custom solid-state laser reflector cavities. Built from an array of materials from sapphire to doped glasses, these reflectors can also be coated to increase power even further.

High Laser Damage Threshold-High Reflectivity Mirrors

IRD Glass can provide custom laser mirrors with LDT > 80j/cm2, and reflectivity >99.9%.

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