Flat Optics

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Flat Optics

IRD Glass is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of flat optics used in the Medical, Laser, Security, Defense, Aerospace, Sensors and Process Control industries. Components include windows, filters, sight glass, optical wedges, precision tooling and reticles.

Materials & Coatings

When choosing a flat optics component from IRD Glass, you’ll have the benefit of many value-adding services, including guidance to the best available substrate materials, precision glass machining and polishing to achieve the exact required dimensions and the option for numerous thin film coatings. Our machining, polishing, and grinding capabilities regularly achieve flatness of 1/10 wave or better, along with parallelism of .00003” over a 9+” substrate.

Flat Optics

Optical Filters

IRD Glass custom manufactures optical filters that expand the applications and improve the capabilities of almost any optical component. IRD works with a variety of filter glass materials from all the leading filter glass manufacturers: Schott, Kopp, Ohara, Hoya and others. IRD Glass also has the capability to apply thin-film optical coatings, from UV through IR spectrum.




IRD Glass manufactures first surface and second surface flat mirrors and laser mirrors that are used for interferometry, beam steering or folding, and many optical components within imaging systems. Our optical mirrors are completely customizable to meet our clients’ needs. From a basic protected aluminum through High laser damage threshold mirrors, IRD will certify the performance and specifications with whatever data you require.



Pattern Coatings

Patterned coatings, or masks, can be applied to a wide variety of substrates for use as filters, reference gauges, datums or whatever your needs might be. Chrome, precious metals, and aluminum are among the more common coating materials IRD Glass works with regularly.



Optical windows are flat, plane-parallel plates often used to protect work areas, sensitive components, electronic sensors, and detectors from stray light or damage. IRD glass manufactures ultraviolet windows, visible windows, infrared windows, and debris shields from .100″ to 16″ in height and in thicknesses of .008″ to 4″ using a wide spectrum of materials, including nBK-7, B270, borosilicate glass, F-5, fused silica, fused quartz, high-index glass, sapphire, silicon and other IR materials.




IRD Glass has skilled staff on call that produce leading edge reticles for the semiconductor, inspection and medical industries. Details down to sub-micron line widths are available on a number of substrate materials.


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