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True Partnership

IRD Glass is committed to building true partnerships with customers. We’ve succeeded, and our partnerships have resulted in IRD Glass becoming an award-winning custom component supplier and single-source supplier for numerous industry leaders. Our workforce is highly skilled and highly cross-trained in cell-based manufacturing, an approach that allows IRD Glass to quickly integrate with your company’s delivery and production cycle and meet your exact design, fabrication, and coating needs. Honeywell frequently holds IRD Glass up as an example of a model supplier during their annual preferred vendor conferences.

Real Customization

By using the highest quality tools and customizing them when necessary, we manufacture glass and ceramic components for even the toughest applications. When a project calls for something completely new, we design proprietary pieces of equipment, fixturing and tooling needed to get the job done.

One of our clients manufactures laser survey equipment. For their equipment, they needed a 360 degree lens. They searched globally for 12 months to find a company that could produce the product at the right price point, and they didn’t stop until they found IRD Glass.

Real Service

IRD Glass has maintained a 98%+ on-time delivery rate for the last decade. To meet the increasing and diversifying needs of our customers, we constantly improve our services and revamp our approach to precision manufacturing. Recent improvements include the addition of custom automation to reduce costs, improving polishing effectiveness to improve yield, and investing in new inspection equipment. We strive to build quality into each operation, which gives us the opportunity to control quality rather than inspect it.


Exceptional Quality Performance (zero PPM)

Honeywell Aerospace

Certified Supplier Award

Honeywell Motion and Sensor Product Operation

Partners in Performance

Honeywell Inertial Sensor Products

Supplier Excellence Award

Honeywell SSEC
Spectra Physics/Laser Plane (5 times)
Spectra Precision (2 times)

Supplier of the Year

Honeywell Microswitch
Honeywell SSEC

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