Sapphire Optics

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Sapphire Components

IRD Ceramics is considered a leader in custom sapphire optics customization and manufacture. We have state-of-the-art precision sapphire machining equipment that can produce custom sapphire windows up to 8″ in diameter. Our capabilities include traditional single-side processing as well as double-side lapping and polishing for an efficient yield, exemplary parallelism, and typical flatness of 1/4 wave up to 1/10 wave flatness.

Sapphire Optics: Completely Customized

We offer sapphire optics in processed or customized shapes according to our customers’ specifications. As a single-source for sapphire windows and other sapphire products, we can customize every aspect of your sapphire product: the size, thickness, parallelism, surface accuracy, surface quality, surface roughness, and even the thin film coating.

Material & Coatings

Sapphire is one of the hardest, most durable and most scratch-resistant materials on earth. Its resistance to extreme environmental conditions, heat, and its broad transmission range (UV to mid-infrared) make it ideal for numerous applications. Customized coatings cover the complete spectrum, from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) for use in laser optics, sensor equipment, protective sapphire windows, and more.

Sapphire Applications

We have become a single-source supplier for industry leaders like Honeywell by reducing cycle time, reducing variations, and eliminating defects and waste.


Sapphire’s durability makes it a top choice for scratch-resistant consumer products like watches, glasses, and protection glasses.


Sapphire windows are used for protective barriers and inspection windows. Sapphire components are also used for mechanical components and precision engineering.


Sapphire windows are used by the medical industry for heater windows and in chemical process equipment. Sapphire optics with infrared coatings (IR coatings) are also used in numerous applications in radiometry and anesthesiology.


Sapphire windows are used for security windows and as protective covers for motion sensors.

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