Laser Homogenizers and Light Pipes

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Laser Homogenizers And Light Pipes

IRD specializes in high-precision light homogenizers and light pipes. Light pipes and laser homogenizers are designed to mix light to create a more uniform and evenly distributed beam of output energy.

Laser homogenizers and light pipes are typically designed using specific optical materials that will vary depending upon your specific needs and requirements; typical materials include, but are not limited to, fused silica, nBK7, and sapphire. IRD manufactures traditional square and round homogenizers, as well as more exotic rectangular, hexagonal, and octagonal homogenizers, including straight and tapered designs.

Light Pipes

IRD Glass makes custom homogenizer light pipes from optical materials, including fused silica, nBK7, and sapphire, depending on your requirements. We manufacture square, round, rectangular, 6 and 8 sided components in straight and tapered designs.

Homogenizers and light pipes are often designed with optical faces that are perpendicular to the walls of the light pipe, but sometimes the designs that IRD build call for faces built at precision angles to the walls, including some applications using the brewster angle when working with polarized light.