IRD Glass manufactures custom optical prisms for nearly any application – from laser optics to imaging devices. We produce basic right-angle prisms, rhomboid prisms, wedge prisms, penta prisms, dove prisms, roof prisms, and many other challenging variations and assemblies – even completely new optical prisms for new applications as our customers’ industries require them.


IRD Glass provides custom optical wedges, from precision NIST-certifiable wedges to custom lighting wedges, we can deliver you exactly what you need.  Coatings can be applied to the faces as well as the circumference, and we can do soldering compatible coatings as well as di-electric.

Materials & Coatings

Our precision optical components are available in a variety of substrate materials, including Crystal Quartz Fused Silica for low thermal expansion and superior transmission throughout UV, visible, and NIR spectrums and N-BK7 for visible light applications.

To optimize performance in different transmission wavelengths and prevent surface damage from high-powered lasers, many optical coating options are available upon request. Options include high laser damage threshold (HLDT) coating, anti-reflective coating, and dielectric and metal coating for Laser Optics.

Optical Prisms

Prisms are commonly used to separate a beam of light into its component wavelengths or to add dispersion to a laser system.

Right Angle Prisms

Ideal for a range of low-power laser line applications and for image/beam displacement at 90°.

Rhomboid Prisms

Ideal for image/beam displacement without changing the beam direction or inverting the image.

Wedge Prisms

Ideal for deviating a laser beam at a precise angle. Together, two wedge prisms may be used to steer a beam. IRD Glass can achieve wedges with an NIST-traceable certificate accurate to within 5 arc seconds for the optical angle or angle of deviation.

Penta Prisms

These five-sided optical prisms are able to define right angles in imaging systems even with slight movement. With an appropriate optical coating, penta prisms are used as beamsplitters.

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