IR Components

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IR Components

IRD Ceramics manufactures precision optical components essential to infrared cameras and sensors used by Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Defense, and Security companies. We perform all fabrication in house, allowing us to produce low-cost IR mirrors, lenses and windows for commercial applications as well as customized lenses to meet the exact demands of Defense and Security companies. IRD Ceramics works with sapphire, silicon, chalcogenides, germanium, BaF2, CaF2, zinc selenide and more.

Materials & Coating

IRD Ceramics’ interest in infrared applications was born out of regularly attending the SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing show. Companies familiar with the reputation of IRD Glass wanted us to begin working on components for infrared devices, and in recent years we began investing heavily in components for IR products. Today we produce the highest quality precision optics used by IR products, including high power laser quality 2” silicon mirrors at better than ½ wave flatness.

Customization & Assembly

IRD Ceramics manufactures precision optical components for IR products, but we also offer numerous value-adding services. Before we begin fabrication, we get to know your products, customers, and processes inside and out. Our cell-based manufacturing system means that you’ll have a team of engineers whose only task is understanding your products’ specifications, tolerances, finishes, packaging requirements, and point of use considerations.

Single-Source Solutions For IR Products

IRD Ceramics offers low and high volume production, design assistance, CAD/CAM support, simple and complex lens assemblies, IR coating, and quick prototype turnaround times. By integrating our operations with yours, we ensure better performance, fewer parts, and lighter-weight lenses. Our unwavering commitment to customer specifications helps us to maintain long-lasting relationships with industry leaders like Lockheed Martin and CyberOptics.

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