At IRD Glass, excellence is a way of life. When faced with existential challenges, we come prepared in order to maintain the status quo for our employees and clientele.  

Given the uncertainty generated by COVID-19, we continue to provide an unparalleled level of products and services. As an essential supplier of medical, defense and transportation components, we are certain that our service offerings will be ongoing and uninterrupted moving forward.

As always, great emphasis is placed on the customer during the pandemic. We have streamlined our operations and are committed to providing you with the same impeccable products and services you have come to expect. For over 39 years, we’ve been working on your behalf by solving problems on the front lines.

Our team of experts will continue to monitor, assess and respond to the challenges of COVID-19 as they occur. We are at the ready, and our commitment is unshakable.

Our employees are safe which is paramount.  When our people are in top form, the products and services they deliver are in top form as well. Here is how we are executing to keep our people healthy:

  • Maintain spotless workstations
  • Strict adherence to CDC employer – employee safety protocols
  • Practice social distancing in the workplace at all times
  • Suspend all nonessential business travel and encourage cautionary practices regarding personal travel
  • Replace in-person meetings with teleconferenced meetings, even within our facility
  • Close our plant to visitors except while accepting shipments
  • Schedule employee shifts that allow for homeschooling, medical appointments and family care responsibilities

These practices are designed to curtail potential transmission of the virus and to provide our employees with a safe and supportive environment in which to work. The healthier and happier our people are, the greater their ability to serve you.

The IRD Glass team will continue to stay on top of the latest COVID-19 developments. That will give us the ability to respond quickly, appropriately and effectively as conditions around COVID-19 evolve.

We recommend that you monitor conditions as well by maintaining a close watch on the CDC website for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information.

We wish you safety and health. Together, we can weather this storm intact.


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