Customer service is defined as “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.” Most companies aim to provide satisfactory customer service, but IRD Glass is committed to going “above and beyond” the normal and expected requirements. This approach is embodied in our exceptional rate of on-time deliveries (98%+ avg) and our long history of production employees committed to always surpassing their customers’ expectations.

In the spirit of exemplary customer service, here are some instances where companies put the customer first.

Customer Service Stories: Zappos

Zappos is an online shoe and clothing shop based in Las Vegas, Nevada. A customer’s mother who had recently undergone medical treatment that left her feet sensitive to pressure needed new shoes to accommodate her. The customer ordered six pairs of shoes, hoping one of them would do the trick. After the shoes were delivered, the customer called Zappos for instructions on how to return the ones that didn’t work out, and explained why she was returning so many shoes. Two days later, a large bouquet of flowers showed up, with a note from Zappos wishing the mother good health. Two days after that, the customer and her mother were upgraded to “VIP Members,” granting them free expedited shipping on all future orders.


Say you ordered a PlayStation online and someone snatches it from your doorstep before you get home. Sounds like a personal problem, right? Or possibly it’s the delivery service’s problem? No matter where the blame is pointed, the fault isn’t with the company who completed their end of the negotiation by shipping the gaming system safely to your door. This very scenario happened recently to an Amazon customer, who called the company pleading for something to be done as his son was expecting the PlayStation from Santa. Not only did Amazon send another system, but they waived the shipping fee and ensured the gift arrived by Christmas.


Most car owners will experience the dreaded vehicle recall at some point or another. Even if only a minor part is recalled, the inconvenience to the driver can be substantial. Lexus knows this, and would often send technicians to affected customers’ places of residence to fix the issue on the spot. However, when the Lexus ES 350 was recalled in 2006, the car company asked their customers to come into the dealership. Instead of sitting in a waiting room while their car was fixed, each customer was surprised with a brand new Lexus.

Customer Service as IRD Glass: Nothing to Sneeze at!

AT IRD Glass, we achieve a 98%+ (company avg) on-time delivery rate that includes everything from low-volume runs and large-volume orders to custom specials. That’s because we care about our customers. Our cell-based approach to manufacturing is built around one goal: achieving what our customers want and need us to achieve. That’s why we are a sole-source supplier and partner to numerous industry leaders across the globe!

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