IRD Glass is in the process of rolling out an automated scheduling and accounting software called an Enterprise Resource Planning system, or ERP system. ERP systems are business process management software that allow companies to use a system of interconnected applications to automate typical office functions, like scheduling and accounting, and connect their various departments, like manufacturing, engineering, quality and purchasing.

The enterprise system software industry is already in the multibillions, and it’s only getting bigger. Investments in IT is growing and growing. And while it was the sprawling nature of large enterprises and global corporations that necessitated enterprise system software, smaller and smaller companies are now managing to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and streamline operations with ERP systems, too.

Does Your Company Need an ERP System?

Like our use of automation in our manufacturing process, our use of an ERP system is not designed to replace employees; it’s designed to make employees’ jobs easier, to improve our product quality, and allow us to continue to add more business by investing more money in the operational areas. The question is, does your company need an ERP system?

Signs Your Company Needs an ERP System

  1. Accounting is a Pain in the Behind

Accounting departments are often the first to raise the alarm that an ERP system may be in order. And it’s little wonder why. ERP systems make accounting far, far easier. Manually entering invoices and sales orders into different sales and accounting systems isn’t only a waste of time, it’s a recipe for errors. A good ERP system can handle this busy work with the click of a button, freeing your employees to spend more time on what matters and less time playing detective!

  1. Consistency is a challenge

Using an ERP system will help your employees better document processes, control inventory and get products out the door and to the customer on time. This new consistency will add to your brand’s reputation as well as to your bottom line.

  1. Company and customer data is scarce

How is your company doing? Can you get up-to-date figures about your sales margin, orders per day, production efficiency, or orders to date at a moment’s notice? Having a holistic and always available bird’s eye view of your business is essential, and ERP systems are designed specifically to give this to you. With more data about your customers’ transaction history, your salespeople will have the data necessary to upsell, cross sell, improve their numbers and improve renewal rates.

Make Your Vision a Reality with IRD Glass

IRD Glass is a leading manufacturer of customized precision glass, optics, ceramic, sapphire, and IR products. With a cell-based approach to manufacturing that ensures precision, accuracy, and focused improvement work, we create medical glass components, custom laser optics, technical glass components, prisms, float glass, and numerous ceramic, sapphire, and IR products.