In applications where even a degree or two of thermal variation is vitally important, the material of choice is machined glass ceramic, which is annealed to a deliver near-zero coefficient of thermal expansion.

The biggest and most well-known glass ceramic is Schott ZERODUR®, a zero expansion glass ceramic. IRD Glass is among the largest consumers of non-telescope ZERODUR® on the planet. We also work with Corning ULE® as well as other equivalent materials.

Our sister division IRD Ceramics works with numerous materials, including hard and soft ceramics, sapphire, silicon nitride, silicon carbide and other super hard materials.

Our Glass Ceramic Machining Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art equipment, advanced precision glass and ceramic machining and polishing capabilities, and decades of experience allow us to produce 100% customized components at low or high volume.

We have CNC processing, precision polishing and other glass and ceramic fabrication equipment in house, which allows us to achieve remarkable customization in less time than competitors. In addition to ZERODUR® machining, we also provide:

  • Precision glass machining
  • Precision ceramic machining
  • Sapphire machining
  • Silicon Nitride machining
  • Quartz machining
  • Fused Silica machining

About IRD Glass

For over 37 years, IRD Glass has done things that virtually no one else has with glass and ceramics, and that’s largely because we incorporate lean principles into the R&D process and use a unique cell-based manufacturing approach with small, dedicated teams working on individual client projects.

Our dedication to continual improvement, to taking care of our employees and to tenacious problem solving is why we have become a sole-source provider to both large and small corporations across the planet.

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