IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics proudly manufacture precision High Reflectivity Mirrors that are used in the medical, laser, security, defense, aerospace, sensor and process control industries, among others.

What are High Reflectivity Mirrors?

High reflectivity mirrors perform at values of 99.9% or better over either a narrowly specified range of wavelengths or a broad spectrum, depending on the desired application. High reflectivity mirrors are used for interferometry, beam steering or folding, and many optical components within imaging systems. At IRD Glass, we create high reflectivity mirrors that are completely customizable to meet our clients’ exact needs.
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Dielectric mirrors

Dielectric mirrors are composed of multiple thin layers of dielectric material. By using the right material, thickness, and optical coating, dielectric mirrors can have specified reflectivity at different wavelengths of light.

Laser line mirrors

Laser line mirrors are used to reflect or redirect laser beams. IRD Glass has an especially strong presence in the laser OEM market, and manufactures everything from HLDT/HR steering mirrors to beamsplitters and cavity reflectors to clients’ exact specifications, certifying the performance and specifications with whatever data our clients require. We can provide custom laser mirrors with LDT > 80j/cm2, and reflectivity >99.9%. Our custom solid-state laser reflector cavities are built from an array of materials, from sapphire to doped glasses. These laser reflectors can also be coated to increase power even further.  

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