IRD Glass is happy to announce that Honeywell recently awarded us a Certificate for Exceptional Quality Performance after we achieved zero PPM (parts per million) defects in the last 12 months. As a sole-source supplier to Honeywell and several other corporations across the globe, this kind of recognition means a lot to us.

What does it mean to be a sole-source supplier?

After a thorough analysis of all possible suppliers, their products, prices and quality, a company may choose to sign a contract with a single supplier for a particular product. This supplier is referred to as a sole-source supplier. Sole-source providers are critical to a company’s supply chain. Being one is a great responsibility and vendors have to prove that they are equipped to meet all requirements.

To maintain our contract as a sole-source supplier to Honeywell year after year, our performance is measured in terms of:

  • Service responsiveness – to measure our ability to deliver products on-time to meet Honeywell’s needs.
  • Quality – to measure our Parts-Per-Million defective rate and our ability to participate in a continuous quality improvement program, with zero PPM defects being the goal.
  • Productivity – to measure our ability to team with Honeywell to meet specific productivity requirements. With our cell-based manufacturing system, customers like Honeywell receive dedicated employees, dedicated equipment, and dedicated floor space at our facility. That means each cell, which consists of three to 12 highly trained and cross-trained employees, is responsible for the entire life cycle of a product, from ordering raw material to final inspection. This gives us the flexibility to ramp up production, make alterations, and meet the needs of our customers quicker than the competition.
  • System Robustness – To maintain sole source status for customers like Honeywell, we need to prove our ability to have capacity, backup plans, redundant systems and equipment available in the unlikely case of natural disaster, unforeseen complications or sudden volume fluctuations.

Zero PPM Defects 2

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