Teamwork is a vital part of any business or organization. With a solid dedicated team, you can work better with colleagues and managers, as well as clients. Teamwork within the organization provides repeatable quality precision processes and superior customer service to the client. Utilizing the right teamwork skills helps build a strong unit. 

What Are Teamwork Skills to Work Better with Clients?

Building a strong team may take some time, but keeping some key things in mind can help streamline the process to make the best precision glass, medical glass, and other components. Utilize some skills such as:

  • Using the best communication skills
  • Honesty and transparency at every level
  • Using active listening skills
  • Awareness
  • Ensuring strong collaboration
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own actions
  • Having empathy and consideration for your teammates 

We utilize the strongest teamwork skills to work with our clients in the best possible way. 

Who Is IRD Glass?

We have been in business for over 40 years, working with precision glass and glass-ceramic in the most innovative ways. In 1983, IRD Glass started as a small company, and today we are a local, national, and international leader in precision optical, ceramic, and sapphire manufacturing. Today, IRD is proudly owned by three veterans.

Our growth throughout the years has been impressive. While we started as a small company, we have two locations today, including one with 30,000 ft² of space. Our manufacturing process is cell-based, which means that customers receive individual, quality service with dedicated employees, equipment, and floor space to manufacture precision glass, laser optics, and tubes, among other units.

How Do Our Values Promote Teamwork and Collaboration?

IRD Glass is a Christian company.  We take our values very seriously, including teamwork, integrity, and passion. We try to entangle our values throughout all our procedures and policies. 

We believe your engineers should be talking to our engineers, and your incoming inspection team should be talking to our final inspection folks. We believe our people are our most valuable resource and strive to ensure they are trusted and rewarded as such. We want our team to succeed here at IRD, at home, and in our community.

IRD Glass and Its Team

IRD works on four 10-hour days, so our team can enjoy long weekends with their family and friends. We stress cross-training across multiple cells so that as the demands ebb and flow, as they invariably do in a custom environment, team members can seamlessly fill in where they are needed. 

IRD stresses advancement, both professionally and personally. IRD will reimburse tuition and other expenses as our team members work to grow their education and skillsets.  

We have company dinners to recognize the successes of the entire team. We also share recognition on a personal level with an internal program, our Above and Beyond Card, given when a fellow team member exemplifies our values. 

How you treat your employees is a vital element in teamwork, collaboration, and providing the best precision glass and customer service. We believe that our empathetic, Christian values keep our team satisfied so that our team actually looks forward to coming to work. A healthy and happy team leads to providing quality precision glass and top-notch customer service.

IRD Glass has been the leading supplier of customized precision glass, optics, ceramics, and sapphire product fabrication for over 39 years. To learn more about our capabilities, speak to a representative today for a quote.