For over 39 years, IRD Glass (“IRD”) has crafted high-quality custom glass and ceramic components for the medical, transport, and defense sectors. IRD is a major supplier to mainstay manufacturers of medical equipment like 3M, Honeywell, Alcon, TDK and Boston Scientific.

As a leader in precision optical manufacturing, IRD provides a comprehensive array of optical and technical glass fabrication services. The components we create include critical parts used to assemble life-saving ventilators.

IRD produces ventilator parts for multiple OEM manufacturers. Our precision machining capabilities include grinding, sawing, polishing, lapping, dicing, coating, metrology, and inspection. The essential parts we produce include chip tubes for pressure sensors, pressure sensor pedestals and Brewster optical filters.

Our CNC processing equipment and glass and ceramic fabrication equipment are all positioned in-house. That allows us to achieve remarkable customization in significantly less time than the competition.

Manufacturing services performed by IRD  are deemed essential, and the demand for our products has more than doubled. To meet the need, IRD has prioritized ventilator component manufacturing and are ramping up the production of pivotal components. This includes pressure sensor pedestals, glass pedestals, pressure sensors, chip tubes and precision glass.

Thanks to accelerated output, IRD is positioned to assist new clients in need of emergency health care components. If you’re experiencing line-downs or delayed production of essential medical equipment because of clogged supply lines, IRD can help. Our supply chain is almost entirely US-based. That allows us to maintain healthy operations and to generate a robust and steady production output.

This is an excellent time to get on board with IRD Glass and prioritize new medical equipment component orders. With us, you’ll enjoy a true partnership experience that has made us a sole-source supplier for renowned companies like Honeywell, CyberOptics, Rockwell Collins, 3M, Trumpf, L3, Alcon and TDK.

IRD  takes customization seriously. No two projects are the same. Each one requires a unique approach and a distinctive solution. Because we’re perfectionists, IRD can create components for even the most difficult applications. If your situation requires a completely new perspective, our proprietary equipment fixturing and tooling can assure perfect results.

Finally, IRD is owned and operated by veterans. We are proud to be a small American company fighting a quiet war against a deadly enemy by helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The emergency medical components needed to produce ventilators and other essential medical equipment falls squarely within our area of expertise.

Our team is honored to play a pivotal role in helping to save lives, and we are deeply gratified to know that our work matters. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference during the current public health crisis.

We abide by strict social distancing practices at all times. Please be assured that although we have instituted strict safety measures, these measures will in no way interfere with our state-of-the-art production processes or with the reliably high quality of our components.

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 IRD Glass does things that virtually no one else has with glass and ceramics. We create precision custom laser optics, homogenizers, glass components, sapphire components, and more using a unique cell-based approach where small, dedicated teams work on individual client projects.

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