As an official Borofloat® distributor, IRD Glass can meet your float glass needs quickly and efficiently. 

One of the most common Borofloat materials we work with is Borofloat 33, a versatile borosilicate glass with excellent light transmission, thermal stability and chemical resistance:

  • Its excellent transmission makes it an obvious choice for optical windows, filters, and mirrors. Optical coatings can be applied to enhance the transmission of certain light wavelengths. 
  • With its excellent impact resistance, Borofloat 33 is an excellent material for bulletproof glass systems and debris shields. 
  • Its chemical resistance is even better than most metals (it can sustain long-term use at temperatures above  100°C), making Borofloat 33 the material of choice for chemically resistant viewports in medical and industrial settings
  • Thanks to its thermal stability, Borofloat 33 has become one of the most important materials in the electronics and semiconductor industry. 

What Industries Do We Serve?

As an official Borofloat distributor, we have become a leading supplier of float glass components for companies in numerous industries, including:

  • Biotech
  • Microelectronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Security and Defense
  • Law enforcement
  • Chemical
  • Commercial
  • Construction

Why Work with IRD Glass?

IRD Glass has become an award-winning custom component supplier and single-source supplier for numerous industry leaders because we understand what our clients’ are looking for in a partnership. 

We quickly integrate with our clients’ delivery and production cycles, and we meet exact design, fabrication and coating needs year after year. IRD Glass has maintained a Zero Parts per Million (PPM) defect rate over the last several years, as well as a 98%+ on-time delivery rate.

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Have a production, quality or supply chain challenge? We can help. Procure your Borofloat components from an official Borofloat distributor! 

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