When you think of glass components, you think of those with optical applications – those used to split, diffuse, bend, reflect or otherwise alter light wavelengths. These include mirrors, prisms, wedges, cylindrical lenses, wedges, etc.

But glass is not only used to alter light wavelengths. Technical glass components are used in a variety of industries due to their extreme strength, their chemical inertness, and their ability to withstand high temperatures.

We Manufacture Precision Non-Optical Glass Components

IRD Glass partners closely with industry leading companies to design and manufacture precision technical glass components. We also provide thin-film coating to achieve nearly any durability or thermal expansion requirement for your desired applications.

What we Create

We manufacture a variety of technical glass components for numerous OEM manufacturing industries, the medical device industry, the aerospace and defense industry, and others.

These include:

  • Vacuum plates
  • Precision glass sensor mounts
  • Precision bushings and spacers
  • Ring-laser gyro blocks and bodies
  • Precision capillaries and tubes
  • Laser cooling radiators
  • Pressure sensors and transducers

About IRD Glass

IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics help make your vision a reality, accomplishing things nearly nobody else can with glass. Our cell-based manufacturing system revolves around small, dedicated teams working on individual client projects. That means that our customers receive dedicated employees, dedicated equipment, and dedicated floor space at our facility.

Each cell is responsible for the entire life cycle a component will experience, from ordering raw material to final inspection and shipping. At any one time there are three to five teams of highly trained operators working on each customer’s project. Our business model has been successful, and today we are a sole-source provider to large and small corporations across the globe.

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