IRD Glass is the leading manufacturer of precision glass tubes that are essential in ultra-precision altimeter and airspeed indicators in aerospace applications, fuel efficiency sensors in automotive applications and in many cutting-edge sensor devices.

Why choose IRD Glass for Precision Tubes?

We are trusted by industry leading organizations like Honeywell and Rockwell Collins thanks to our ability to produce technical glass components like precision tubes to nearly any specification.

Thanks in part to our 98%+ on-time delivery rate, which we have maintained for decades, Honeywell regularly uses IRD Glass during their annual Key Supplier conferences as an example of a model supplier.

A few of the global corporations we are a sole-source supplier for include:

  • CyberOptics (26 years)
  • Rockwell Collins (24 years)
  • Honeywell (30 years)
  • Trumpf (10 years)
  • Alcon (16 years)
  • Boston Science (22 years)
  • L3 (11 years)

Precision Tubes with Real Customization

Our workforce is highly skilled and highly cross-trained in cell-based manufacturing, an approach that allows IRD Glass to quickly integrate with your company’s delivery and production cycle and meet your exact design, fabrication, and delivery needs.

We manufacture precision glass tubes to tight length tolerances, polished on the ends to better than .000004″ flat. We also provide fire polishing to ensure that they maintain a precise scratch and dig tolerance and radius.

Procure Precision Tubes from IRD Glass

IRD Glass is a leading manufacturer of numerous technical glass components with precise dimensional tolerances and surface finish requirements. We also provide numerous thin film coating options and have provided custom designed thin-film metalization on tubes.

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