IRD Glass is trusted by the biggest names in the laser OEM market to produce numerous precision laser components, including cavity reflectors, steering mirrors, splatter shields, precision spacers and tooling, beamsplitters, custom light homogenizers, filters and more.

We work with all kinds of materials, from sapphire, doped glass and fused silica to chalcogenides. We use specific substrates and coatings to provide exceptional performance and to adhere to our customers’ exact demands. IRD will certify the performance and specifications with whatever data you require.

Why Procure Laser Components from IRD Glass?

IRD Glass has become a sole-source supplier for numerous industry leaders such as Trumpf, Prima-Laserdyne, L3 and many others because we work in a spirit of true partnership. Our cell-based manufacturing system means our customers get dedicated engineers and floor space at our modern facility.

IRD Glass has earned Supplier Excellence Awards double-digit times from the likes of Honeywell and Trimble. Three different Honeywell divisions have each named us a Supplier of the Year.

We have maintained a 98%+ on-time delivery rate for years. Honeywell frequently holds IRD Glass up as an example of a model supplier during their annual Key Supplier conferences.

Laser components we fabricate include:

High Laser Damage Threshold Optics

Our cell-based manufacturing system ensure complete vertical integration and control of every aspect of the planning and manufacturing processes. That means careful inspection and quality control from raw material to shaping and polishing to final inspection, ensuring there’s no subsurface damage or contamination and that every spec is met.

High Reflectivity Mirrors

IRD Glass creates precision high reflectivity mirrors with thin film coatings that are ideal for high power laser applications. We are renowned for our double-sided substrate polishing capabilities.

We can provide custom high reflectivity mirrors with LDT > 80j/cm2 and reflectivity >99.9%.

Cavity Reflectors

IRD Glass provides custom solid-state laser reflector cavities built from an array of materials, including sapphire and doped glasses. To increase their power even further, they can also be coated in our in-house thin film coating facility, or with one of our vetted coating partners.

Procure Laser Components from IRD Glass

IRD Glass specializes in the manufacture of precision optical and technical glass and ceramic components made from a wide range of raw materials. Our custom laser optics are available in custom shapes and sizes.

We excel at achieving precision tolerances and take pride in helping our customers solve difficult problems. Our partnership-oriented business style has allowed us to become a sole-source provider to both large and small corporations across the globe.

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