The battle to cure cancer has led to collaboration between private and public companies, universities, scientists, and even foreign governments. Perhaps the greatest push toward finding a cure is the recent National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, created by Vice President Joe Biden following the death of his son from brain cancer. Despite Moonshot’s breadth of investment and collaboration, a cure for cancer isn’t going to happen overnight, which means that improving early detection systems for the most aggressive and deadly forms of cancer is essential.

Photonics and Precision Optical Components for Early Cancer Detection

Precision optical components and photonics technology show incredible potential in accelerating early detection, and that’s why the National Photonics Initiative (NPI) has gotten the investment of more than $3 billion annual private investments from members of the scientific community, leading medical technology companies, and over 350 hospitals and patient advocacy groups in order to identifying and fund early detection technologies.

Optics and Photonics in Healthcare

Advanced optics already play a huge role in healthcare by allowing doctors to detect and diagnose diseases, measure symptoms, and monitor recoveries without resorting to invasive procedures. These benefits have resulted in reduced costs for caregivers and quicker recovery times and better outcomes for patients. The hope is that the NPI’s investment and initiative will bring these benefits and more to the battle against cancer. The frontline of that battle will be waged with photonics technology and next-generation optical tools that can measure broader chemical spectrums with greater and greater precision.

IRD Glass: A Leading Manufacturer of Precision Optical Components

As a leading manufacturer of precision optical components, coated filters, and advanced ceramic components used by the sensor, laser and medical industries, IRD Glass looks forward to helping its industry partners meet the important goals of the National Cancer Moonshot initiative. With our cell-based approach to manufacturing, wherein our customers receive dedicated employees, dedicated equipment, and dedicated floor space at our facility, we are uniquely positioned to do so. Innovation requires constant advancements, and at any one time IRD Glass has three to five teams of highly trained operators working on individual projects. The result is that today we are a sole-source provider to large and small corporations across the globe.

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