IRD Glass manufactures numerous custom precision optical filters designed to expand the applications and improve the capabilities of numerous optical components. Our filters can be found in critical applications in the defense and homeland security, laser OEM, medical glass and machine vision industries.

Why Procure Precision Optical Filters from IRD Glass?

For over 25 years we have been trusted to manufacture precision optical filters for industry leading companies across the globe.

Thanks to our cell-based approach to manufacturing and our true spirit of partnership, we have become a sole-source supplier for numerous industry leaders such as:

  • CyberOptics (26 years)
  • Rockwell Collins (24 years)
  • Honeywell (30 years)
  • Trumpf (10 years)
  • Alcon (16 years)
  • Boston Science (22 years)

Honeywell frequently holds IRD Glass up as an example of a model supplier during their annual Key Supplier conferences, in part due to the 98%+ on-time delivery rate we have maintained for decades.

We manufacture numerous precision optical filters, including:

  • Dichroic
  • Narrow Bandpass
  • Multi-Bandpass
  • Edge
  • Notch

Precision Optical Filters with True Customization

All of the optical filters we manufacture have a strong emphasis on durability and precision optical performance. We work with many different filter glass materials and have the capability to apply thin-film optical coatings in house.

We have the ability to offer quick-turn basic coatings in-house. Our complete offerings run from basic Mgf2 coatings to the incredibly intricate multiple-stack coatings, metallization and more.

Our manufacturing process is cell-based, which means our customers receive dedicated employees, dedicated equipment, and dedicated floor space at our facility. This ensures complete vertical integration and control of every aspect of the planning and manufacturing processes from raw material to final inspection.

Procure Precision Optical Filters from IRD Glass

IRD Glass specializes in the manufacture of precision optical filters made from a wide range of substrates. We excel at achieving precision tolerances and take pride in helping our customers solve difficult problems. Bring us your challenge and we’ll find a solution!

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