IRD Glass manufactures precision optical mirrors that are used for beam steering or folding, interferometry, and in many optical components in imaging systems and high power industrial laser systems.

Why Procure Precision Optical Mirrors from IRD Glass?

IRD Glass works in a spirit of true partnership and collaboration, which is why over the past 30+ years we have been a sole-source supplier to numerous world class companies such as:

  • CyberOptics (26 years)
  • Rockwell Collins (24 years)
  • Honeywell (30 years)
  • Trumpf (10 years)
  • Alcon (16 years)
  • Boston Science (22 years)

Our cell-based approach to manufacturing means our clients get dedicated floor space and engineers at our state-of-the-art facility. Our engineers will quickly integrate with your delivery and production cycle and meet your exact design, fabrication and coating needs.

We understand the important role we play in our clients’ most important initiatives, which is why we have maintained a 98%+ on-time delivery rate for years.

Our workforce is highly skilled and highly cross-trained in cell-based manufacturing, an approach that allows IRD Glass to quickly integrate with your company’s delivery and production cycle and meet your exact design, fabrication, and coating needs.

We are frequently used by Honeywell during their annual Key Supplier conferences as an example of a model supplier.

Precision Optical Mirrors with Real Customization

Our optical mirrors are built to meet our clients’ needs. From a basic protected aluminum through high laser damage threshold mirrors, IRD will certify the performance and specifications with whatever data you require.

IRD Glass can provide custom laser mirrors with LDT > 80j/cm2, and reflectivity >99.9%.

When our clients’ projects have called for something completely new, IRD Glass has designed proprietary pieces of equipment, fixturing and tooling to make it happen.

Procure Precision Optical Mirrors from IRD Glass

IRD Glass is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of flat optics and custom laser optics for the laser OEM market. We create laser debris shields, beam homogenizers, splatter shields, precision spacers and tooling and many other laser components.

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