IRD Glass is a trusted manufacturer of precision reticles for the semiconductor, inspection and medical industries. Details down to sub-micron line widths are available on a range of substrate materials.

Why Procure Precision Reticles from IRD Glass?

IRD Glass is committed to building true partnerships with our customers. Our cell-based manufacturing system means our customers get dedicated engineers and floor space at our modern facility. As a result, we’ve become a sole-source supplier for numerous industry leaders.

IRD Glass has earned double digit Supplier Excellence Awards from the likes of Honeywell and Trimble. Three different Honeywell divisions have named us a Supplier of the Year.

We have maintained a 98%+ on-time delivery rate for years. Honeywell frequently holds IRD Glass up as an example of a model supplier during their annual Key Supplier conferences.

Precision Reticles with Real Customization

To meet the increasing and diversifying needs of our customers, we constantly improve our services and revamp our approach to precision manufacturing. Part of being a great partner is providing real customization.

When a project calls for something completely new, IRD Glass designs proprietary pieces of equipment, fixturing and tooling to get the job done.

Procure Precision Reticles from IRD Glass

IRD Glass is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of flat optics used in the Medical, Laser, Security, Defense, Aerospace, Sensors and Process Control industries. Components include windows, filters, sight glass, optical wedges, precision tooling and reticles.

Our machining, polishing, and grinding capabilities regularly achieve flatness better than 1/10 wave, along with parallelism of .00003” over a 9+” substrate.

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