LiDAR-powered autonomous vehicles, also called self-driving cars by those who like to get to the point, promise a future in which cars people are mere passengers that key in commands. 

They promise a future in which two cars with no headlights could glide past one another on a pitch black country road, their passengers sleeping soundly reclined in their seats. Packed highways during rush hour could be filled with commuters eating their breakfasts and reading the news (though you see that a bit nowadays too).

The key to this future is LiDAR Protective Windows made of specialized glass that’s engineered to meet a demanding mix of requirements in optical transmission, strength, thermal and impact resistance. 

LiDAR protective windows protect these incredible systems from damage from rocks, rain, hail and rapid temperature changes. They must ensure flawless light transmission of near-infrared light while blocking visible ambient light from confusing the system’s sensors.

This is the kind of challenge that IRD Glass has been overcoming for over three decades.  

Why Choose IRD Glass for LiDAR Protective Windows?

With our history of meeting the most challenging performance and procurement requirements, we have become a sole-source supplier to industry leading OEMS including:

  • CyberOptics (26 years)
  • Rockwell Collins (24 years)
  • Honeywell (30 years)
  • Trumpf (10 years)
  • Alcon (16 years)
  • Boston Science (22 years)

Honeywell frequently holds IRD Glass up as an example of a model supplier during their annual Key Supplier conferences, in part due to the 98%+ on-time delivery rate we have maintained for decades.

Procure LiDAR Components from IRD Glass

IRD Glass creates all the components that are essential to the function of LiDAR devices — entrance windows, precision optical filter substrates, beamsplitters and precision optical mirrors.

We are an official BOROFLOAT® Distributor that excels at achieving precision tolerances and helping our customers solve difficult problems. Bring us your challenge and we’ll find a solution!

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