The detection and mapping technology known as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) that was first developed by NASA and used on the Apollo 15 mission to map the surface of the moon is now leading to groundbreaking advances in driverless cars and robotics (and archaeology too).

The potential applications of LiDAR are near endless — But for the brands looking to develop new products or bring products to the mass market, the first job is to procure LiDAR components that meet exact specifications.

IRD Glass is an official BOROFLOAT® Distributor with decades of experience processing BOROFLOAT® into precision optical mirrors and other components essential to LiDAR devices. 

Below is a brief introduction into why BOROFLOAT® is the ideal material and why IRD Glass is the company that can make your vision a reality

BOROFLOAT® for Windows, Mirrors and Filter Substrates

BOROFLOAT® is an ideal material for the three main LiDAR components — entrance windows, precision optical filter substrates, and beamsplitters — thanks to its unique combination of:

  • Excellent flatness
  • High transparency
  • Chemical durability
  • Thermal resistance/ stability
  • Mechanical strength

Though BOROFLOAT® has been used in many optical applications over the years, it is still priced as an industrial glass, making it much more suitable for mass production. 

Why Choose IRD Glass for LiDAR Components?

Thanks to our cell-based approach to manufacturing and the unwavering quality of our precision glass and ceramic components, and our true spirit of partnership, we have become a sole-source supplier to numerous industry leading OEMS, including 

  • CyberOptics (26 years)
  • Rockwell Collins (24 years)
  • Honeywell (30 years)
  • Trumpf (10 years)
  • Alcon (16 years)
  • Boston Science (22 years)

Honeywell frequently holds IRD Glass up as an example of a model supplier during their annual Key Supplier conferences, in part due to the 98%+ on-time delivery rate we have maintained for decades.

Procure LiDAR Components from IRD Glass

IRD Glass excels at achieving precision tolerances and helping our customers solve difficult problems. Bring us your challenge and we’ll find a solution!

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