A beam homogenizer is a device that unifies the profile of a light or laser beam, smooths out its irregularities, and ensures it has uniform power across its profile. Light and lasers can be homogenized in many ways, from beam-folding wedged mirrors and split prisms to light tunnels and lens arrays.

IRD Glass proudly creates beam homogenizers and other custom laser optics that are trusted by industry-leading companies like Honeywell and Trumpf.

Beam Homogenizer Applications

One of the most common and widespread beam homogenizer applications is in excimer lasers, which are used to make computer processing chips and for delicate surgeries, like LASIK eye surgery.

But nowhere has the beam homogenizer made a greater impact on society than in the semiconductor industry. Excimer lasers are used to microfabricate and micromachine microelectronic devices and integrated circuits in the semiconductor industry.

They are one of the primary reasons that minimum features in microchips have shrunk from a tiny 800 nanometers in 1990 to an even tinier 10 nanometers in 2016. (One nanometer is a billionth of a meter.)

In the Medical Field

Soon after IBM started using excimer lasers to print integrated circuits in 1982, three IBM scientists observed the effect of the lasers on biological materials — how the focused, controlled energy of the UV light was able to disrupt the molecular bonds of surface tissue, causing it to disintegrate into the air rather than burning, without affecting the surrounding area.

Today excimer lasers are used for numerous precision medical procedures, including LASIK eye surgery and angioplasty (a minimally invasive procedure to widen narrowed veins and arteries), as well as to treat dermatological conditions.

The three IBM scientists (Srinivasan, Blum and Wynne) were honored with National Medal of Technology and Innovation by the President of The United States Barack Obama for their work related to the excimer laser in 2012.

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