Employees at the most successful companies would have no trouble enumerating and explaining their company values. That’s because they are pervasive, worked into the very fabric of what the company does on a daily basis.

At IRD Glass, for example, we believe in corporate giving – giving back to the community. We believe in the biblical idea of stewardship, which is why we give 10% of our profits to charities – especially those that support our Christian values. Here are three reasons you should care about company values.

1.    Company Values Simplify Decision-Making

If you’ve seen many movies or TV shows or read many novels, you know that every hero has a code. It’s a pledge that they will not bend or break for anybody. Sticking to their code, even when it’s painful to do so, gets them through the dark times and leads them to victory over the bad guys.

The same can be true of your company values. Your company values should be defined and enshrined. They should be top of mind for everyone in leadership positions at your company. They should know what they mean and how they relate to the business at large. Your company’s values can serve as guiding lights, ensuring that your company does not stray too far from the path that brought you success in the first place.

2.    Company Values Speak to the Public and Consumers

In the age of the internet, when competitors offering similar products or services are just a click away, company values help separate you from the competition.

When your company has clear values, it’s much easier to educate potential customers (and the wider public) because you have something to talk about other than your products, your promotions, or your services.  Company values are about more than the business side of your organization. They are about the human side of your company. Core values can inform, as well as support, your company’s marketing initiatives.

3.    Company Values can Improve Recruiting and Retention Initiatives

You know you want to hire a person that will fit in with your team, but how can you do this if you’re not sure what defines your company?

Having clearly defined company values makes it easier to hire the right person for the job. They make it easier to evaluate subjective qualities like character and personality. Your company values will function as guideposts, indicating when a job candidate is a fit, a perfect fit, or someone who could cause problems down the line. If innovation and creative thinking are two of your company’s key values, be sure to ask candidates questions that show whether or not these are their strengths.

But clearly stating and understanding your company’s values isn’t just good for hiring – it’s also good for keeping those new hires satisfied. Numerous studies have found that strong company values that extend beyond the place of employment increase retention.

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