IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics are sole-source suppliers to many OEM Corporations with globally recognized brands, yet we remain a small, privately held company. Of the key factors contributing to the successful growth of IRD, the strategic choice made 12 years ago to utilize a Board of Directors may be the most important.

The IRD Board is comprised of 7 members, including three members with diverse management and executive experience outside of IRD. The purpose of the board is to help the IRD Glass management team make better business decisions, focus strategy on the excellence of our cell-based manufacturing teams, and identify issues from a bird’s eye view that our management team may not catch while immersed in the day-to-day operations.

Having a board of directors has benefited IRD Glass. Would it work for you?

What is the role of a Board of Directors?

Having a Board of Directors is advantageous to a company regardless of its size, industry, or work culture. Both public and private companies can benefit tremendously from external, objective leadership. The role of a Board of Directors is that of corporate governance. A Board exists to provide strategic leadership to an organization. It sets the strategic direction, makes policy and strategy decisions, oversees and monitors organizational performance, and ensures accountability. Meanwhile, staff members and executives can focus on the operations and bottom line of the company.

What do board members bring to the table?

Board members bring their contacts and high-level networks to the table. They also represent varying levels and types of expertise from which the company can benefit. Types of expertise include:

  • Business strategy
  • Budget and financial management
  • Legal
  • Risk management
  • Audit
  • Finance/Investment
  • Marketing
  • Specialized industry knowledge and skills (ex. ICT)
  • Specialized geographic knowledge

Board members also represent different identities that can contribute to the health of the organization. It is in the best interests of a company to have a board with a diversity of experience, skills, interests, gender, culture, race, and other characteristics.

What are the characteristics of a high-functioning, effective Board of Directors?

Board members must have skills and knowledge that are in harmony with the mission and goals of a company. As a part of the onboarding process for new board members, they can be further educated regarding the culture, values, and vision of an organization to maximize their contribution. A high-performing board must also have ample time to thoughtfully and thoroughly do the governance work of the organization. This work should be judiciously organized. Individual board members should be given tasks and/or assigned to a specific committee within the governance structure that can effectively use their skills and background as a resource.

About IRD Glass

IRD Glass has over 35 years of experience providing optical precision, glass machining, thin-film coating, and ceramic machining for myriad industries. By delegating responsibilities to small, experienced teams, we ensure efficiency at every stage of manufacturing. IRD Glass has become a sole-source provider to both large and small corporations across the planet. Visit our website for more information.